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Investment Opportunity in Iran , Prospects for Iran’s economy are attracting widespread attention following implementation in January 2016 of a nuclear accord between Iran and the United States, the European Union, China, France, Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom, and the subsequent easing of international sanctions.
Numerous business and government delegations have been visiting Tehran
and other cities to size up the potential opportunities and to sign deals
and commercial agreements. Iran for years was largely cut off from the
globalisation trends that have supported growth around the world. With some
of the sanctions lifted, the country now has an opportunity to reconnect with
the global economy.

This report discusses the strengths and challenges of Iran’s economy and its
potential over the next two decades to 2035. It is the fruit of several months of
in-depth research, including an examination of key sectors of Iran’s economy
ranging from oil and gas to fast-moving consumer goods, agriculture, and
information and communications technology. We find that Iran has the
potential to add $1 trillion to GDP and create nine million jobs by 2035. If it is to
realize this potential, Iran will have to put in place key enablers of rapid growth,
including measures to increase the attractiveness of the country to foreign
investors, ensure macroeconomic stability, strengthen and deepen its financial
system and its international connectivity, raise productivity and upgrade its
industrial infrastructure.

Whilst the political environment and stability are important to economic outcomes, we do not comment on politics in this report.

This report contributes to MGI’s mission to help business and policy leaders
understand the forces transforming the global economy, identify strategic
opportunities and challenges, and prepare for the next wave of growth.

Investment Opportunity in Iran , you can download and read this report

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